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Poem "The Cosmos"

Stars splattered across the sky.

Illuminated crimsoned hearts cry.

A letter of love from my mother encased in molten matter.

ancestors a callin’ Inner eyes a-gazin’, soul set a-fire- anew!

Come closer and see an ever-delightful mystery. 

Legend told throughout history.

Become untangled behind the breach.

Star-child born on an unforgiving Babylon boulder.

Housed within a hemmed vessel, on chestnut hues tares to skin. 

Amber honey whispers tenderly to kin. 

 There is no end from the beginning when the expanse Is a callin’ far and wide, 

a rumblin’ all encompassing tide. 

Hypnotic hymns to stilled souls.

Behold toiled soil once rich now sullied and sold. 

Conjured shadows configure into geometric swaths, bodies

Ignite like miniature galaxies-  pain turned to starburst! 

The dispossessed become stitched back together with an aurora in their mind. 

Origins linger like salt on parched tongue. 

Skin scorched by brilliant sun. 

Cruel rusted iron shackles wrapped round’ neck.  

Head crowned with soft prayers, steadfastly beseeching ancestors.

Gravitational pulls mercifully, mortal figure to transcend! 

written by VEE.

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