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My First Time...

Who would have known my first time with a guy would be in the basement of a former friend… with her cousin! Who was older than me! Escandelo!

I remember like it was yesterday, Summer time was booming and the day was hot. My friend and I had nothing to do but chill in her father’s dining room and eat up the food that was kept in her oversize refrigerator, act like teenagers, and talk about how well we thought we could dance! The day was young when my friend got the phone call from her cousin. The conversation lasted maybe all of two minutes because that is how long it took me to finish the sandwich that I had made. When she got off the phone, she asked what was I doing for the rest of the day, I simply told her I had to check in with my mom because you know, I was still technically a minor and being a minor meant checking in with parents more often than you wanted to, even if it meant that you were going down the block to the closest bodega. However, my mother said that I can stay out a little later since it was the summer time! After that, we cleaned up and got ready to head out to go meet up with her cousin. When we left her dads house, we walked to the bus stop and as we were waiting for the bus she was just started ranting on and on about how cool and amazing he is, and the mix of all that she so happen to just throw in that he was gay too. In the quick second, something in me got warm. I couldn't tell you why but I had this sense to impress, Like a male peacock feathering its feathers to impress the female peacock.

The bus ride was packed, hot, and I was dazed with the ideas of how I was going to present myself to him. By the ring of her phone, I snapped back into reality to find out that we’re getting off and he was going to pick us...You would think that would be a great thing, however that wasn't the case, what he meant by picking us up, meant he was sitting on the passenger side of his best friends ride. Major kill, but I thought, hey, I was taught not to judge. SO, I am sitting in the back seat with my friend and she introduces us, he turns around and at that moment it felt like slow motion to me, the sparkle in his eye when it met mine and said hello. I said hey back trying to play it cool like I was cool. When we all know I am not good at flirting.

We finally get to the crib and automatically make our way to the basement and all I could think of was that this was going to be popping. I make my way to the basement and he is already started drink, wine to be exact. FANCY! He walks over to the radio and starts looking for something good to listen too, Mariah Carey comes and he screams that he loves Mariah!

As the night progressed, my friend and I are laughing and enjoying ourselves and he is getting drunker by the hour. 10pm rolls around and my friend asked if I could spend the night and her mom can take me home tomorrow. Guess what I did… yup! Call my mom, she says yeah I can spend the night but this time her voice on the phone was a bit more stern, but whatever right, she said yeah! As the night turns into midnight, my friend is dozing off and at this time he is drunk.. He comes close to me. My face gets red and warm,



He smiles and tells me I am cute. I blushed and said thank you! I must of feather my peacock feathers just right for him to notice me tonight. We took the night talking and laughing, and randomly he grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom, that is in the basement and starts kissing. I go along with it but at that moment all I am thinking about is if this is really going to happen and seconds laters clothes are coming off and we are touching bare bodies and things are getting warmer before you know it, he starts sucking me off and my eyes roll to the back of my head. I start sucking him off. I hear him moan, I smirk mid-suck because I know I got him. He turns me over and bend over the toilet and starts to eat me out. This feeling is all new to me but it feels amazing. He stops and comes up to kiss me and asked me if I ate ass before. Of course, I lied and yes! I wasn't going to pass this moment up. He tells me to eat him out, as I make my way down, I self-prep myself telling myself this has to be like sucking dick, I never at ass till this very moment. As I get close to open him up….. HE FARTS IN MY FACE…..

Let's just say I woke up the next day with pink eye

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