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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

What is it about disclosing something to someone that makes us scared? When disclosing anything to anyone, like, your HIV status, can be the ultimate scare because that person you are disclosing to might take it one of many ways and might judge you. They might think you are some promiscuous person that gets around a lot, a sex worker or doing drugs. Maybe you were born with it. Will they think of you like some crack baby or think of my mom as some person who couldn't raise their child right. Disclosing comes with a lot of negative attachments and we see those attachments every day





Just to name of few.

However, with every negative comes a positive, no pun intended but its true. Negative lurks in areas where a lot of time we hate the most, or someone hates, or no lack thereof. What if I tell you that disclosing your status can be a gift. Would you believe me? I'm pretty sure you have that weird look on your face that is saying “yeah, right!”

It truly is though! Disclosing your status to anyone is a gift! You are entrusting someone with something so important that onces it is given, it cants not be taken back. That person is now responsible for your well being in a sense. Once you give that information to someone, that someone now needs to understand that information you gave them, is something they must hold dear to their heart.

When disclosing remember you have the ability and power to tell whomever you want and when you want. It is on your time and your space to tell when you are ready and no one else. It will be tough navigating through the world being HIV positive. Rejection is a bitch, but it makes you learn who are the type of people that you will need to surround yourself to be healthy and remain great! Lastly, surround yourself around friends and family that only want your best interest and knows your worth and only want greatness within you and from you because those people are going to show you the love that you deserve. Stay Great!

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