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Fran adn Jorian
TABU LatinX Night
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HIV is not a crime
Black Trans Lives Matter
Advocates For Youth
Youth Community Summit 2018
Advocates For Youth
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Youth Community Summit
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Trans Flag Raising City Hall
from elementary to adulthood
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Creating Change
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The Debt...

A lingering liability constantly due anxiety taxing, constricting turning me blue. To postpone one more day, no end in sight no reprieve....

My First Time...

Who would have known my first time with a guy would be in the basement of a former friend… with her cousin! Who was older than me!...

Poem "The Cosmos"

Stars splattered across the sky. Illuminated crimsoned hearts cry. A letter of love from my mother encased in molten matter. ancestors a...


What is it about disclosing something to someone that makes us scared? When disclosing anything to anyone, like, your HIV status, can be...


"One of the best ways to fight stigma and empower HIV-Positive people is by speaking out openly and honestly about who we are and what we experience."

Alex Garner, HIV Activist

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I have a passion for reading, ever since I was a little queer boy, I always had a book in my hand. As I got older, depression and anxiety got worse for me but reading a good book helped me take my mind off reality and brought me back to my imagination. Here are some books that I have read and will be sharing with you!

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